Marc Streit

Leveraging Provenance for Storytelling, Reproducibility, and Meta-Analysis

The primary goal of visual data exploration tools is to enable the discovery of new insights. During the exploratory analysis process provenance information can be recorded on multiple levels and be used for different purposes. In my presentation I will discuss and showcase works that track the provenance of the data to be visually analyzed, of the visualizations used and interaction applied during the analysis, and finally also of the insights gained and the rationale behind those insights. The recorded provenance information is then the basis for providing a simple but important recall functionality, but is also an essential prerequisite for more sophisticated purposes, such as storytelling, reproducibility, and meta-analysis. In my talk I will present examples how provenance information on various levels can be used for storytelling, collaborative sensemaking, and reproducibility in the context of cancer research and drug discovery, but also for the meta-analysis of human and machine generated decision-making paths.


Marc Streit is a tenured Full Professor at Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) in Austria where he leads the Visual Data Science group. He finished his PhD at Graz University of Technology in 2011 and moved to Linz later that year. In 2012 he was a Visiting Researcher at the Harvard Medical School. As part of a Fulbright scholarship for research and lecturing he was a Visiting Professor at the Harvard Paulson School in 2014. Marc also teaches courses at the Imperial College Business School. His scientific areas of interest include visualization, visual analytics, and explainable machine learning. Together with his team and collaborators he develops novel visual analysis tools for cancer research, drug discovery, and other application domains. He is a PI or Co-PI in multiple research and industry projects. Marc won multiple best paper and runner-up awards at major conferences in his field. Since 2016 he is CEO and Co-Founder of the JKU spin-off company datavisyn. More information can be found on

MartinMarc Streit