Vlastimil Havran

Faithful representation and measurement of visual appearance for rendering

In our talk we will discuss a recently built miniaturized light stage for measuring the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) and the bidirectional texture function (BTF) of surfaces on site in real world application scenarios. The main principle of our lightweight BTF acquisition gantry is a compact hemispherical skeleton with cameras along the meridian and with light emitting diode (LED) modules shining light onto a sample surface. The proposed device is portable and achieves a high speed of measurement while maintaining high degree of accuracy. While the positions of the LEDs are fixed on the hemisphere, the cameras allow us to cover the range of the zenith angle from 0 to 75 degrees and by rotating the cameras along the axis of the hemisphere we can cover all possible camera directions. This allows us to take measurements with almost the same quality as existing stationary BTF gantries. Two degrees of freedom can be set arbitrarily for measurements and the other two degrees of freedom are fixed, which provides a tradeoff between accuracy of measurements and practical applicability. Assuming that a measured sample is locally flat and spatially accessible, we can set the correct perpendicular direction against the measured sample by means of an auto-collimator. Further, we have designed and used a marker sticker method to allow for the easy rectification and alignment of acquired images during data processing. We show the results of our approach by images rendered for several material samples.


Vlastimil Havran is Associate professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague. His research interests include data structures and algorithms for rendering images and videos, visibility calculations, geometric range searching for global illumination, software architectures for rendering, applied Monte Carlo methods, data compression etc.

Martin IlčíkVlastimil Havran