A Graph Grammar for Modelling of 2D Shapes

Viktoria Pogrzebacz

Supervisor(s): Martin Ilčík

TU Wien

Abstract: The creation of detailed models for computer graphics is a work intensive task, which limits projects in the graphical fidelity which can be achieved. Procedural modelling is an ongoing field of research which aims to alleviate this pressure. The most common systems for procedural modelling specialize in either modelling plants, as is the case with L-systems, or in modelling buildings, as do shape grammars. This paper aims to show a path for improving this situation, by describing the conception and implementation of a graph grammar for procedural modelling of both artificial (buildings and furniture) and organic (trees and flowers) objects in 2D space. The suitability of the proposed graph grammar is demonstrated by applying it to a variety of modelling tasks, such as a Koch snowflake, circular and square patterns, foliage and a building façade.
Full text:
Year: 2019