A Showcase of Visual Computing in Central Europe


Network, present their portfolio, start new collaborations.

Professionals & Students

Look for inspiration, interesting jobs and challenges.


Try out new tools, connect art and technology in interactive installations.


Present their cutting-edge projects and new ideas, bridge research and industry.


03 May 2024, Smolenice Castle (SK)

  • 12:00


  • 13:00


  • 13:20

    Fast Forward

  • 14:00


  • 18:00

    Group Photo & Castle Tour

  • 18:45

    Visual Computing Trivia

  • 19:30

    Festive Dinner*

* Lunch and dinner are not included in the visitor package. Meals may be ordered extra along with your free ticket, but not later than a week before the EXPO.

Exhibitors 2023

A preview of innovations and innovators.


Nanographics, a spin-off by TU Wien, develops an award-winning tool for illustrative and multi-scale rendering of large biomolecular datasets.

Escape Motions

A small studio of creatives and coders dedicated to develop innovative visual tools.


Create, share and customize 3D models online with easy-to-use 3D modeling tool VECTARY. Start 3D modeling today!

VR Group

For over twenty years we develop training simulations for crisis management and armed forces.

Procedural Design

A startup from Vienna offering a platform for massive creation of virtual worlds. It empowers collaboration, creativity and allows to produce content extremely fast.


The leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Additive Appearance

Creates pipelines to develop next-generation software for 3D printing in industries demanding highly accurate appearance reproduction.


AI-powered world rendering engine based on Earth satellite imagery

Prusa Research

A leading producer of 3D Printers from Prague.


Experience Cultural Heritage in VR.

The list is growing as the companies confirm their attendance. If you would like to participate with your institution, please let us know.