A Student Seminar Meets the Industry


The most talented visual computing students from Central Europe meet annually at CESCG.


Young scientists present their projects and discuss new ideas.


Present their portfolio, recruit experts and extend their networks.


University teachers update their knowledge and establish new collaborations.


25 April 2018, Smolenice Castle (SK)

  • 12:00


  • 13:00


  • 13:30

    Fast Forward

  • 14:30


  • 16:30

    Group Photo & Castle Tour

  • 17:30

    Industrial Workshops

  • 19:00


* Lunch and dinner are not included in the visitor package, but may be ordered extra.


A preview of innovations and innovators.

The following list of exhibitors and their projects is not complete. We are constantly adding new partners. If you would like to participate with your institution, please let us know.

Bohemia Interactive

A large Czech development studio famous for its military games and simulations with highly detailed terrain.


Our vision is to give robots human-like eyes. We are going to change the whole definition of machine vision by introducing new hardware and software solutions in upcoming years.

Capturing Reality

RealityCapture is a software solution which automatically produces high resolution 3D models from photographs or laser-scans.


3D media platform. Produces digital humans via integrated 3D scanning and motion capture system, bringing life into any 3D scene. Physical outputs include figurines, action figures and collectables.


A large applied research center in Vienna focused on visualization, rendering and VR. Try out one of their projects - virtual fire extinguishers with HTC VIVE.


Real estate VR project, urban planing, architecture. Un-build real estate project presented in VR & gamification in VR aplications.

Black Cell

Bored of shooters in VR we have taken up the cause to get adventure games into Virtual Reality. Focusing on stunning environments, narrative and great sound design, we strive to create experiences, where you can just relax and forget about your daily life.

Lost in the Garden

An independent games studio based in Vienna, Austria. We are a bunch of programmers and artists working on projects that excite us. Our current project is a hyper-futuristic racing game called Lightfield.

Studio 727

We specialize in VFX and 3D for film industry and offer a complete production workflow, from production planning to the final product.

cellView (by TU Wien)

CellView is an award-winning tool for illustrative and multi-scale rendering of large biomolecular datasets. Developed by visualization specialists at TU Wien.

Escape Motions

A small studio of creatives and coders dedicated to develop innovative visual tools.


Create, share and customize 3D models online with easy-to-use 3D modeling tool VECTARY. Start 3D modeling today!

StyLit (by ČVÚT Prague)

StyLit is a mind-blowing Photoshop plugin which transforms your hand-drawing style to any object you can imagine. Developed at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Remote Do-it-Yourself Eyetracker

West Pomeranian University of Technology presents a cheap device with the best freeware eye-tracking software available.

How to participate?

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