TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Thursday(May 5, 2022)
12:15– Lunch Break –
13:45Fast Forward
13:50Rendering & Visualization
Dominik Roháček
(Charles University)
 Improving Probes in Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination
Michal Hvězda
(Czech Technical University)
 Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination: Implementation and Evaluation
Vojtěch Tomas
(Czech Technical University)
 Urban Data Visualization
14:50– Break –
15:10Invited talk by Jiří Chmelík: Mixed Reality in Research and Education
16:10– Break –
16:30XR & Attention
Martin Piliar
(Pan-European University)
 Collaborative use of virtual and augmented reality in selected domains
Sanja Milović
(University of Sarajevo)
 User Perception of Camera Movement in VR Video
Michaela Tuscher
(VRVis Research Center)
 Processing Speed and Comprehensibility of Visualizations and Texts
Michaela Gubovská and Jakub Hajdu
(Slovak Technical University)
Eye-tracking dataset on the impact of university education on human visual attention
17:45(Photo session)
18:00Spare time / (IPC meeting – only for organizers)
19:15– Dinner –
Friday(May 6, 2022)
8:00– Breakfast –
8:55Deep Learning
Bořek Reich
(Brno University of Technology)
 Exploitation of Neural Networks for Fusion of Camera and Millimeter-Wave Radar Data
Maroš Kollár
(Slovak Technical University)
 Multiclass texture synthesis using generative adversarial networks
Balázs Szőke
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Analyzing Architectural Floor Plans Using Neural Networks
Paul Eibensteiner
(TU Graz)
 Weight Redistribution Algorithms for Sparse Neural Networks
10:15– Break –
Ana Gaja Boc
(Charles University)
An Anisotropic Reflectance Model for Predictive Rendering of FDM 3D Printouts
Dennis Depner
(Vienna University)
 Improved Integration of Depth Images in 3D Models
Martin Čavarga
(Comenius University)
 Advection-Driven Shrink-Wrapping of Triangulated Surfaces
12:00– Lunch Break –
13:00WebGL | Procedural Modeling & Music (WORKSHOPS)
14:30– Break –
14:50WebGL | Procedural Modeling & Music (WORKSHOPS)
16:20– Break –
16:40FEM | Procedural Modeling & Music (WORKSHOPS)
18:30Castle Tour
19:15– Dinner –
Saturday(May 7, 2022)
8:00– Breakfast –
9:00Storytelling | Deep Learning (WORKSHOPS)
10:30– Break –
10:50Storytelling | Deep Learning (WORKSHOPS)
12:30– Lunch Break –