TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Monday(April 10, 2017)
10:15Conference hallPitching
12:00Dining hallLunch
13:00Conference hallEXPO Opening
13:30Conference hallEXPO Fast Forward
14:30Various placesEXPO Exhibition
16:30Lower courtyardEXPO Photo & Castle Tour
17:30Various placesEXPO Industry workshops
19:30Dining hallDinner
Tuesday(April 11, 2017)
9:00Conference hallSession: Fire & Fluids & Stories
Philipp Erler
(TU Wien)
 Fluid Simulation Quality with Violated CFL Condition
Žiga Leber
(University of Maribor)
 Real-Time 2.5D Fluid Dynamics Simulation Using GPGPU
Bettina Schlager
(VRVis Research Center)
 Building a Virtual Reality Fire Training with Unity and HTC Vive
Ensar Muratovic
(University of Sarajevo)
 A Web-Based Service-Oriented Solution for a Mobile Digital Storytelling Application
10:40Conference hallSession: Real-Time Rendering & Animation
Stefan Sietzen
(TU Wien)
 A Method for Automatically Animating the Reassembly of Arbitrary Voronoi-Fractured Objects
Tom Kneiphof
(University of Bonn)
 Real-Time Image-Based Lighting of Dynamic Scenes with Moment Soft Shadow Mapping
Michał Chwesiuk and Mariusz Pasinski
(West Pomeranian University of Technology)
 Towards Interactive Rendering for Lighting Design
Antonin Smid
(Czech Technical University)
 The Pacman Benchmark
12:00Dining hallLunch
13:00Conference hallInvited talk by Ivan Viola: Visual Integration of Molecular and Cell Biology
14:00Conference hallSession: Visualization
Yan Cai
(VRVis Research Center)
 Research on Graphical Interfaces to Perform Anatomical Queries on Large Collections of Gene Expression Images
David Pfahler
(VRVis Research Center)
 Flexible Visual Summaries of High-Dimensional Data using Hierarchical Aggregated Data-Subsets
Daniel Gehrer
(TU Wien)
 Visualization of Molecular Machinery Using Agent-Based Animation
15:10ParkWorkshop: Leadership for Superheroes
17:15Conference hallIPC (professors only)
19:15Židova dolina / Dining hallDinner
Wednesday(April 12, 2017)
9:00Conference hallSession: Geometry Processing
Jan Dvořák and Lukáš Hruda
(University of West Bohemia)
 Estimating Approximate Plane of Symmetry of 3D Triangle Meshes
Daniel Mlakar
(TU Graz)
 Patch-Based Recursive Catmull-Clark Subdivision on the GPU
Lea Aichner
(TU Wien)
 Interactive Shape-Aware Deformation of 3D Furniture Models
Martin Stuchlík
(Comenius University)
 Extraction of Displacements between Mesh and Basemesh
10:40Conference hallSession: Image Processing & Computer Vision
Adam Siekawa
(West Pomeranian University of Technology)
 Image Reconstruction from Spatially Non-Uniform Samples
Ondrej Jariabka et al.
(Comenius University)
 Single Camera Path Detection for Outdoor Navigation
Roman Števaňák et al.
(Comenius University)
 PKSpace: An Open-Source Solution for Parking Space Occupancy Detection
Petr Dobeš
(Brno University of Technology)
 Reconstruction of 3D Information about Passing Vehicles
12:00Dining hallLunch
13:00Conference hallInvited talk by Karol Myszkowski: Perceptual Display: Apparent Improvement of Perceived Image Quality Beyond Physical Display Properties
14:15Conference hallAwards & Closing
Martin IlčíkSchedule