TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Sunday(April 28, 2019)
9:00Reception roomArrival & Registration (seminar students)
10:30Conference HallRehearsal (students)
10:45Art hallEXPO Professional Forum (exhibitors)
11:30Conference HallEXPO Rehearsal (exhibitors)
12:00Dining hallLunch
13:00Conference HallEXPO Opening
13:15Conference HallEXPO Fast Forward
14:00Hallways of the castleEXPO Exhibition
17:00Lower CourtyardEXPO Photo & Castle Tour
18:00Various placesEXPO Industrial Workshops
19:30Dining hallCeremonial Dinner
Monday(April 29, 2019)
9:00Conference HallIntroduction
9:30Conference HallSession: Visualization
Lukas Eibensteiner
(TU Wien)
An Optimized Self-Similarity Matrix for Music Visualization
Martin Riegelnegg
(VRVis Research Center)
 Conveying a Sense of Scale in 3D Planetary Environments
Katharina Unger
(TU Wien)
 Visual Comparison of Organism-Specific Metabolic Pathways
10:20- Coffee Break -
10:40Conference HallSession: Vision I
Son Hai Nguyen
(Brno University of Technology)
 Insertion of 2D Graphics into a Scene Captured by a Stationary Camera
Martin Mirbauer
(Charles University)
 Evaluation of Dynamic Range Reconstruction Approaches and a Mobile Application for HDR Photo Capture
Marco Stranner
(TU Graz)
 Outdoor Augmented Reality using a High-Precision Localization Device
Daniel Wild and Maximilian Weber
(TU Graz)
 A Client/Server Based Online Environment for Manual Segmentation of Medical Images
12:00Dining hallLunch
13:00Conference HallInvited talk by Martin Čadík: Visual Geo-Localization and Camera Pose Estimation for Computational Photography
14:00Conference HallSession: Modeling
Vojtěch Tázlar
(Charles University)
Procedural Generation of Trees
Viktor Pogrzebacz
(TU Wien)
 A Graph Grammar for Modelling of 2D Shapes
14:30- Coffee Break -
14:50Conference HallSession: Vision II
Peter Bokor
(Slovak Technical University)
Breast cancer classification from biopsy microscopic images
Daniel Helm
(TU Wien)
 Automatic video analysis of personality traits
Roman Bachmann
(École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
 Global Motion Estimation from Pan-Tilt Cameras
15:40Conference HallSession: Human Computer Interaction
Mateusz Moszczynski and Patryk Piotrowski
(West Pomeranian University of Technology)
Gaze supported swipe-based text writing for VR headsets
Ivona Ivkovic
(University of Sarajevo)
 Sarajevo War Tunnel VR Experience
Sanda Sljivo and Ajla Sukrija
(University of Sarajevo)
 Adding the virtual reality component to audio stories
16:30- Coffee Break -
16:50Conference HallWorkshop: Leadership or Scientific Storytelling (audience choice)
18:30Outdoors / Conference HallMolpir Tour / IPC
19:20Dining hallBarbecue Dinner
Tuesday(April 30, 2019)
9:00Conference HallSession: Rendering
Šimon Sedláček
(Czech Technical University)
 Real-time Global Illumination using Irradiance Probes
Matúš Talčík and Áron Samuel Kovács
(Masaryk University)
 mallumo: Framework for Real-Time Global Illumination
Martin Bálint
(University of Cambridge)
 Closed Form Transmittance in Heterogeneous Media Using Cosine Noise
10:00- Coffee Break -
10:20Conference HallSession: GPU
Dóra Varnyú
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 3D Motion Blur For PET Using GPGPU
Michaela Niedermayer
(VRVis Research Center)
 Real-Time Shadows for Large-Scale Geospatial Visualization
Dominik Tödling
(TU Graz)
 Breadth-First Search using Dynamic Parallelism on the GPU
11:30Conference HallAlumni Impulse Discussion
12:00Conference HallInvited talk by Markus Steinberger: On the dynamics of GPU execution: Software Rasterization, Geometry Processing, and Dynamic Graphs
13:00Dining hallLunch
13:50Conference HallAwards & Closing