TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Saturday(May 2, 2020)
9:45ACADEMY Opening
9:59[Real-Time Rendering] Vulkan — all day
10:00[Machine Learning] Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch — part 1
12:00– Lunch Break –
13:00[Machine Learning] Automatic Differentiation & Rendering
14:30[Machine Learning] Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch — part 2
19:30– Free chat & Virtual fun –
Sunday(May 3, 2020)
10:00[Machine Learning] Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch — part 3
12:00– Lunch Break –
13:00SEMINAR Opening
13:45Fast Forward
14:00Invited talk by Daniel Sýkora: Can AI paint like an artist?
15:00– Break –
15:30Session: Vision
Boris Sliz
(Slovak Technical University)
 Simulation of scanning and reconstruction of 3D objects in virtual environment
Aljaž Jeromel
(University of Maribor)
 Suitability of chain codes for near-lossless cartoon image compression
Ladislav Bari
(Slovak Technical University)
 Automatic registration of the medical data for purpose of diagnosing the Alzheimer’s disease
Tomas Bubenicek
(Czech Technical University)
 Using Game Engine to Generate Synthetic Datasets for Machine Learning
17:00– Break –
17:30Session: Real Time Graphics
Richard Tóth
(Comenius University)
 Application of Subsurface Scattering Techniques on Responsive Visualization of 3D Range Scans
András Máté Fridvalszky
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Optimizing multisample anti-aliasing for deferred renderers
Stefan Stappen
(TU Wien)
 Spatio Temporally-Filtered Adaptive Shading and a Generalized Shading Rate Stabilization Technique
Jaroslav Kravec
(Czech Technical University)
 Remote Rendering for VR and Mobile Devices with Efficient Illumination Streaming
19:00– Free chat & Virtual fun –
Monday(May 4, 2020)
9:00Session: Modeling
Nikolas Hamran
(Slovak Technical University)
 Parallelization of skeleton extraction from 3D models and point clouds
Alexander Weinrauch
(TU Graz)
 Natural Reeb Graphs
Thorsten Korpitsch
(TU Wien)
 Optimising 3D Mesh Unfoldings with Additional Gluetabs using Simulated Annealing
10:00– Break –
10:30Session: Visualization & Animation
Florian Komposch
(TU Graz)
 Skeletal Animation in a Shading Atlas Streaming environment
Viktória Burkus et al.
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Flow Simulation Controlled by Animated Triangle Meshes
Monika Wißmann
(VRVis Research Center)
 Exploration of Interactive Visualization in the ELM Architecture
Alexander Prutsch
(TU Graz)
 Design and Development of a Web-based Tool for Inpainting of Dissected Aortae in Angiography Images
12:00– Lunch Break –
13:00Session: VR & AR
Jana Polláková
(Slovak Technical University)
The impact of specific aspects of the three-dimensional environment on human visual attention
Ivona Ivkovic
(University of Sarajevo)
 Combining Multiple Image Targets in Augmented Reality forCultural Heritage Presentation
František Ďurana
(Slovak Technical University)
 Inspection and evaluation of 3D model reconstruction from 3Dscans in virtual reality
14:00– Break / IPC meeting –
15:00Invited talk by Marc Streit: Leveraging Provenance for Storytelling, Reproducibility, and Meta-Analysis
16:00Awards Ceremony & Closing
17:00– Free chat & virtual fun / IPC meeting –