This is the preliminary program of CESCG’24. Minor changes can still occur. Student papers will be added after the camera-ready submission in the second week of April. Moreover, the schedule of our partner events that take place in parallel at Smolenice Castle will be added as soon as it is fixed.

TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Wednesday(May 1, 2024)
12:30– Lunch –
13:30Conference HallOPENING
14:00Conference HallVisualization and UX
Sophie Pichler
(TU Wien)
 Visual Analytics for Graph Deep Learning: Case Study Neuron Correspondence
Lucia Ondovčíková
(Slovak Technical University)
 Adapting Design Methodology to Enhance Physician Workflow in IBD EHR Systems
Tereza Hlavová
(Czech Technical University)
 A New Visualization Framework for Simulink 3D Animation
Robert Prikryl
(Slovak Technical University)
User interface design in the histopathology domain
15:15– Break –
15:30Conference HallMedical Imaging
Erika Váczlavová
(Slovak Technical University)
 Domain Expert in the Loop of Digitized Histopathology Education and Artificial Intelligence
Norbert Vígh
(Slovak Technical University)
 Multimodal Brain MRI Registration Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Peter Škríba and Adam Bublavý
(Slovak Technical University)
 AnnotAid: AI-Driven Data Annotation Tool for Histology Images
Patrik Kozlík
(Slovak Technical University)
 Deep Learning-Based Segmentation and Classification of Histological Colon Cells
16:50– Break –
17:05Conference HallVirtual Reality
Matyáš Kovaľ
(Czech Technical University)
 Cognitive Maps Acquisition by Those with Vision Impairments in Virtual Reality
Yulian Rusyn
(Comenius University)
 VR Therapia: Utilizing Immersive Virtual Reality for Applied Psychology Interventions
Amna Jusić et al.
(University of Sarajevo)
 Presentation and Quiz Visualization of Virtual Procedure Manuals
Ajla Abdukić
(Sarajevo School of Science and Technology)
 Comparing Interaction Methods in a VR Rock Climbing Simulation
19:30– Dinner –
Thursday(May 2, 2024)
9:05Conference HallComputer Vision
Martin Halaj
(Comenius University)
Automatic Mesh Generation for Realistic Human Avatars
Anastasiia Lebedenko
(Brno University of Technology)
 Optimal Crop-Out for Photographing People during Sporting Activities
Matúš Baran
(Slovak Technical University)
 Self-supervised Learning of Spatial Object Positioning in Football
Pavol Dubovec
(Brno University of Technology)
 Capturing of Detailed and Very Large Photograph and Localization Within
10:20– Break –
10:40Conference HallRendering and beyond
Calvin Metzger
(TU Wien)
 Semantically Meaningful Vectorization of Line Art in Drawn Animation
Zoltán Simon
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Time Evolution Simulation of the Quantum Mechanical Wave Function in 3D Space
Lukáš Cezner
(Czech Technical University)
 Utilizing Measured Reflectance for Real-time Rendering in Game Engines
Maxwell Pettett
(University of Cambridge)
 Multiresolution Mesh Rendering Engine – Implementation Practicalities and Performance
12:00– Lunch –
13:00Conference HallVisualization and XR
Julian Croci
(University of Zürich)
Tensor Decomposition for Fast Weather Prediction Data Rendering
Marina Lima Medeiros
(VRVis Research Center)
Working In Mixed Realities: 3D User Interfaces And Interaction Patterns To Integrate Practices In Different Perceptual Spaces
Mamadi Dioubaté
(ESIEA Graduate School of Engineering)
Human Emotion Recognition in VR Systems for Remote Telepresence and Collaboration for Training and Education Purposes
14:15– Break –
14:30Conference HallModeling and Geometry
Emir Cogo
(University of Sarajevo)
Procedural modeling of traversable hierarchically organized layouts with interoperability between different levels of the hierarchy
Martin Čavarga
(Comenius University)
An Algorithm for Stochastic Progressive Refinement of Large Meshes
Ehlimana Cogo
(University of Sarajevo)
Graphical software tool for creating standardized cause-effect graph specifications
15:45– Break –
16:00Conference HallComputer Vision and Machine Learning
Lizeth Fuentes
(University of Zürich)
Learning Parametric Primitive Segmentation on 3D point clouds
Martin Dubovsky
(Slovak Technical University)
Domain expert centered interface design for AI-infused system development
17:00Yellow ParlorMolpír Tour / (IPC meeting – only for organizers)
19:30– Dinner –
Friday(May 3, 2024)
9:00Conference Hall | Hunting HallACADEMY Day 1
Recent Trends in Augmented Reality
A Hands-on Introduction to Photogrammetry
12:00– Lunch –
13:00Conference HallStudent AWARDS
13:30Conference HallEXPO OPENING
14:00EXPO Exhibition
17:30Conference HallInvited talk by Barbora Kozliková: Different Perspectives of Data Visualization
18:30EXPO Visual Computing Trivia
19:30– Ceremonial Dinner –
Saturday(May 4, 2024)
8:45Conference Hall | Hunting HallACADEMY Day 2
Understanding CUDA Performance
Voronoi Diagrams and Their Applications
10:30– Break –
10:45Conference Hall | Hunting HallACADEMY Day 2
Understanding CUDA Performance
Cloth Simulation for Video Games
12:45– Lunch –
13:45Conference Hall | Hunting HallACADEMY Day 2
Into the World of Generative AI
Making Music with Code (Infinite Music for Games and More)
16:00– Break –
16:15Conference Hall | Hunting HallACADEMY Day 2
Into the World of Generative AI
Responsive Music Programming with D♭
18:30– End –
19:30– Dinner –