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TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Friday(April 16, 2021)
10:30Fast Forward
10:40Invited talk by Paul Guerrero: Structure-Aware Learning for Geometry Processing
12:10– Lunch Break –
14:00Machine Learning & Visualization
Miroslav Čulík
(Slovak Technical University)
 Personalized Visual Attention Modelling
Peter Bokor
(Slovak Technical University)
 A Framework for Automatic Analysis of WSI using Deep Learning
Alexander Ertl
(TU Graz)
 Accelerating Sparse Neural Networks on GPUs
Wilma Weixelbaum
(TU Wien)
 Web-based Interactive Visual Exploration of Dota2 Encounters
15:20– Break –
16:00Modeling & Rendering
Botond János Kovács
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 A framework for textured Constructive Solid Geometry modelling
Zoltán Jakab
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Real-Time Rigid Body Simulation with Constraints
Giang Chau Nguyenová
(Czech Technical University)
 Rendering Wet Roads in Driving Simulations
Lukas Eibensteiner
(TU Wien)
 Polyphonic Music Composition with Grammars
17:20– Break –