TimeLocation / SpeakerTitle
Wednesday(April 25, 2018)
10:30Conference hallWorkshop: Pitch training
10:45Art hallEXPO Experts forum (exhibitors only)
11:40Conference hallEXPO Tech check
12:00Various placesEXPO Lunch & Matchmaking
13:30Conference hallOpening
13:50Conference hallEXPO Fast Forwards
14:30Various placesEXPO Exhibition
16:30Lower courtyardEXPO Photo & Castle Tour
17:30Various placesEXPO Industry workshops
19:00Conference hallEXPO Closing
19:15Dining hallEXPO Dinner & Matchmaking
Thursday(April 26, 2018)
9:20Conference hallSession: Geometry, Modeling, and Fabrication
Marek Zábran
(University of West Bohemia)
 An Algorithm Recreating 3D Triangle Mesh Faces from Its Edges
Dawid Paleń
(West Pomeranian University of Technology)
 Do-It-Yourself Multi-material 3D Printer for Rapid Fabrication of Complex Luminaire
László Szécsi et al.
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
 Animated Trees with Interlocking Pieces
Florian Michelic
(TU Graz)
 Real-Time Rendering of Procedurally Generated Planets
11:00Conference hallSession: Posters
12:00Dining HallLunch
13:00Conference HallInvited talk by Vlastimil Havran: Faithful representation and measurement of visual appearance for rendering
14:20Conference HallSession: Rendering
Jan Dundr
(Czech Technical University)
 Progressive Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filtering
Michal Vlnas
(Brno University of Technology)
 Bidirectional Path Tracing
Nikola Dodik
(TU Wien)
 Implementing Probabilistic Connections for Bidirectional Path Tracing in the Mitsuba Renderer
Tomáš Iser
(Charles University)
 Real-time Light Transport in Analytically Integrable Quasi-heterogeneous Media
15:40Conference hallWorkshop: Storytelling or Leadership
16:40Conference hallSession: Computer VIsion
Miroslav Laco
(Slovak Technical University)
 Depth in the visual attention modelling from the egocentric perspective of view
Laura Luidolt
(VRVis Research Center)
 Simultaneous calibration of a colour camera, depth camera, and projector and 3D object pose recognition
Nicolas Grossmann
(TU Wien)
 Extracting Sensor Specific Noise Models
Thomas Köppel
(TU Wien)
 Extracting Sensor Noise Models – considering X / Y and Z Noise
18:00Outside / Conference hallMolpír tour / IPC
19:15Lower courtyardDinner
Friday(April 27, 2018)
9:20Conference hallSession: Stylization, Stories, and Music
Sanda Sljivo
(University of Sarajevo)
 Bridges of Sarajevo
Silvana Zechmeister
(VRVis Research Center)
 3D Annotations for Geospatial Decision Support Systems
Ondrej Texler
(Czech Technical University)
 Example-Based Stylization of Navigation Maps on Mobile Devices
Lukas Eibensteiner
(TU Wien)
 Procedural Music Generation with Grammars
11:00Conference hallInvited talk by Helge Rhodin: From Graphics to Vision with Machine Learning
12:00Dining HallLunch
13:00Conference hallAlumni talks
14:00Conference hallAwards & Closing
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