A Web-Based Service-Oriented Solution for a Mobile Digital Storytelling Application

Ensar Muratovic

Supervisor(s): Selma Rizvi─ç

University of Sarajevo

Abstract: Today most of the users prefer mobile over desktop applications. The majority of current software solutions either do not use all of the benefits from the service-oriented architecture, or do not support mobile devices. Online stored content reduces the size of the application and makes possible to change content without changing the application. This paper presents a web based service oriented mobile solution for interactive digital storytelling with 3D models and videos. The concept is implemented on a case study of White Bastion, a medieval fortress located on hills above Sarajevo. The users can explore the models of the fortress from different time periods and play video stories by clicking on available markers. Marker data and a list of models are stored on Google Drive and accessed via Google web service APIs.
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Rendering, Scientific Visualization
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Year: 2017