Adding the virtual reality component to audio stories

Sanda Sljivo and Ajla Sukrija

Supervisor(s): Selma Rizvic

University of Sarajevo

Abstract: Computer graphics can provide a connection between the literature and visual arts. Humans learn through emotions and personal experience. Virtual Reality is providing them with both, and therefore it nowadays has many applications not only in entertainment and edutainment but also in therapy. We have selected Virtual Reality for a visual representation of audio stories. The goal of this work is to augment the experience the users have while they listen to audio stories. In this paper, we have performed a case study with different Virtual Environments for three audio story styles: children poem, old traditional Bosnian romantic poem and science fiction story. An initial user evaluation has been carried out in order to see the impact that Virtual Environments have on the user experience.
Keywords: Animation, Design, Film Industry, Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia, Music and Sound, Video Games, VR
Full text:
Year: 2019