Advection-Driven Shrink-Wrapping of Triangulated Surfaces

Martin ńĆavarga

Supervisor(s): Andrej Ferko

Comenius University

Abstract: Evolution methods, widely used for shape simplification and smoothing, are also used for shrink-wrapping target surfaces. Diffusion of curvature is usually the dominant driving force behind the wrapping process, along which the implicit representation of the target surface (e.g. signed distance field) takes increasing control as it is approached by the evolving surface. This process, previously used for wrapping point cloud data with triangular meshes as well as an experimental form of remeshing, can take many forms. We compare their inherent properties, versatility, and convergence rate, as well as their impact on polygon quality. The key contribution of our research is a shrink-wrapping tool for triangular to polygon target meshes with an accelerated implicit field generator as well as an analysis of mesh quality after incorporating multiple methods of tangential redistribution.
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Computational Geometry, Geometry Processing
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Year: 2022