Animated Trees with Interlocking Pieces

László Szécsi, Viktória Burkus, Attila Kárpáti

Supervisor(s): László Szécsi

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Abstract: This paper presents a method to create plant models that can be displayed efficiently and directly on the graphics card, with real-time animation. Models are constructed from a finite set of pieces and a set of rules that define the matching possibilities of the pieces. We use skeletal animation to allow model instances of identical topology, created using the same pieces and rules, to assume unique poses. A level-of-detail scheme using hardware tessellation is also presented. We propose a tiling-based method for texturing the models, providing seamless, repetition-free patterning, approximating the great variety observed in nature, using only a limited set of example textures. Integration with foliage rendering using billboards is also discussed.
Keywords: Animation, Real-time Graphics
Full text:
Year: 2018