Application of Subsurface Scattering Techniques on Responsive Visualization of 3D Range Scans

Richard Tóth

Supervisor(s): Adam Riečický

Comenius University

Abstract: 3D scanning nowadays is not a difficult task when the hardware is available for everyone and the quality is quite good. However, scans compared to real-world objects have still some noticeable differences in terms of realism. In this paper, we implement the screen-space subsurface scattering technique that approximates the light's behavior in translucent objects and how it affects the color of the object. This technique will be used for the enhancement of visual appearance during the rendering of translucent objects captured by 3D scanners. Our work takes scan as an input and uses hierarchical structures and screen space operators to create a virtual surface for point clouds in real-time. This virtual surface will be the base for the subsurface scattering algorithms. We are using the common approaches, where we fit 4-6 Gaussian functions into the laboratory-measured diffusion profile to achieve the effect. We are also implementing a custom solution based on a dipole model to calculate scattering coefficients using just the laser beam from the scanner.
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Image Processing, Physically-based Rendering, Real-time Graphics, Rendering
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Year: 2020