AR postcards as a learning tool in Computer Graphics

Aya Ali Al Zayat and Lejla Becirevic

Supervisor(s): Selma Rizvi─ç

University of Sarajevo

Abstract: Preserving cultural heritage is a vital part of preserving the history of a country. Computer Graphics students created Augmented Reality (AR) postcards with 3D models of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) cultural heritage objects. They added various Points of Interest (POIs) related to the objects with different multimedia content. The content in the app is just a small glimpse into the vast history of every single object picked, purposely designed to be easily digested by users of all ages. These postcards were integrated into a single app with the goal to present information about cultural heritage buildings in a new, interesting and easily accessible way. In this paper, we describe the teaching methodology and resulting AR application. Through the user eXperience evaluation study, we checked if this approach improves the overall experience of learning about cultural heritage objects. The results of this evaluation will contribute to the development of future AR applications for cultural heritage.
Keywords: Augmented Reality
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Year: 2023