Collaborative use of virtual and augmented reality in selected domains

Martin Piliar

Supervisor(s): Ján Lacko

Pan-European University

Abstract: It is difficult for an external observer to focus on observing the activity of the virtual reality user through the display and at the same time to observe his movement in space. In various applications of virtual reality patient therapy, it is necessary for the therapist to monitor the patient and at the same time his activity in the virtual environment. In our solution, we focus on the use of MS Hololens to ex- pand the virtual space used by the user in virtual reality, so that it is possible to monitor the user and his activity in VR. Our work consists of implementing a virtual and aug- mented reality network connection that makes it possible for an external observer to break through these technologi- cal barriers and see a virtual representation of the user over the real world. Along with the holographic representation of the virtual user, it is also possible to see all selected interactable objects with which the virtual reality user in- teracts. This linking is done by loading an AR tag that represents the center point of the virtual world.
Keywords: Augmented Reality, VR
Full text:
Year: 2022