Combining Multiple Image Targets in Augmented Reality forCultural Heritage Presentation

Ivona Ivkovic

Supervisor(s): Selma Rizvic

University of Sarajevo

Abstract: The paper suggests the method of using Multiple Im-age Targets in Augmented Reality applications in orderto present Cultural Heritage sites. The general idea is topresent the condition of the same site at different timepoints and to present different sites at the same points intime. When the two image targets are connected, one con-taining object image or logo and the other time period, ahistorical event or any other time determining information,augmented content is presented. In this paper, 3D recon-struction combined with the information about the site willbe used. After implementing the idea on several sites, userevaluation has been done in order to determine whetherthe approach benefits learning and understanding of cul-tural heritage,
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Augmented Reality
Full text:
Year: 2020