Do-It-Yourself Multi-material 3D Printer for Rapid Fabrication of Complex Luminaire

Dawid Paleń

Supervisor(s): Radosław Mantiuk

West Pomeranian University of Technology

Abstract: We present a do-it-yourself (DIY) 3D printer developed for rapid manufacturing of light fixtures (otherwise called luminaries)ofcomplexandnonstandardshapes. Thislowcost printer uses two individual extruders that can apply different filaments at the same time. The PLA (Polylactic acid) filament is extruded for essential parts of the luminaire while the PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) filament is used to build supporting structures. PVA can be later effectively rinsed with water, leaving the luminaire with complex shape and diverse light channels. We provide a detailed description of the printer’s construction including specification of the main modules: extruder, printer platform, positioning system, head with the nozzle, and controller based on the Arduino hardware. We explain how the printer should be calibrated. Finally, we present example objects printed using our DIY printer and evaluate quality of these prints. Our printer provides low-cost manufacturing of single copies of the complex luminaries while maintaining sufficient print accuracy. The purpose ofthisworkistodelivertheluminariesfortheexperimental augmented reality system, in which virtually rendered lighting should correspond with the characteristics of the physical lighting
Keywords: Fabrication
Full text:
Year: 2018