Estimating Approximate Plane of Symmetry of 3D Triangle Meshes

Jan Dvořák and Lukáš Hruda

Supervisor(s): Ivana Kolingerová

University of West Bohemia

Abstract: In many natural or artificial objects some form of reflectional symmetry can be found. For most objects there is no exact symmetry but still the object may look symmetrical to a person. In such cases an approximate plane of symmetry can be estimated. The plane of symmetry can be used for example in cases when we need to align a given object with coordinate axes. This paper presents a new simple algorithm which can be used to estimate the plane of symmetry of a 3D object represented by a triangle mesh. Unlike other algorithms proposed in this field, our algorithm does not use any advanced numerical calculations, is fairly easy to implement and configure.
Keywords: Computational Geometry, Geometry Processing
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Year: 2017