Exploration of Interactive Visualization in the ELM Architecture

Monika Wißmann

Supervisor(s): Harald Steinlechner, Andreas Walch

VRVis Research Center

Abstract: Coupled visualizations and interactions in 2D and 3D represent a large part of the work in many visualization projects. By using the ELM architecture, these interactions are approachable, structured, composable and easy to test. ELM-style web applications are currently gaining importance and have already established themselves in web-development. In this paper, we implement a ranking view using this architecture. Aardvark.Media is a functional programming interface to synchronize data and its visual representations while providing high-performance rendering. Based on the ranking view we demonstrate the power of an incremental rendering system. The incremental rendering system enables us to achieve drastic reductions in the creation of the complex 2D user interface.
Keywords: Scientific Visualization
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Year: 2020