Extracting Sensor Specific Noise Models

Nicolas Grossmann

Supervisor(s): Dr. Stefan Ohrhallinger

TU Wien

Abstract: With the growing number of consumer-oriented depth sensors like the KinectV2 or the newly released Phab2Pro, the question of how precise these sensors are arises. In this work we want to evaluate the average noise in the generated depth measurements in the axial direction and the lateral directions. As part of a two-part project this work will view the noise’s development with varying distance and angle. We will present and evaluate two empirical models describing the noise behavior, with the first being derived from solely this part’s measurements and the second one being a combination of the previous model and the model of Köppel et al. These derived models can be used in a post-processing step to filter the generated depth images. We evaluate our models through statistical and experimental testing.
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Image Processing
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Year: 2018