Improving Probes in Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination

Dominik Roháček

Supervisor(s): Mgr. Tomáš Iser

Charles University

Abstract: For a long time, real-time renderers typically only supported direct illumination. With recent technological advances, such as much faster GPU computations or the RTX platform, simulating more accurate global illumination in real time is now possible. This is especially important for rendering indoor scenes in the context of architectural visualization, as users can now add and modify illuminants in real time without waiting for a fully path-traced render. In this paper, we briefly describe the existing real-time solutions and investigate the Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination technique in detail. We implement the algorithm to an existing real-time renderer with RTX support. We specifically describe several problems and artefacts that the method has and present our solutions to those. Mainly, we show an improved approach to probe placing and investigate the improvement it provides. We note that our implementation achieves a better visual quality as it avoids highly noticeable artefacts.
Keywords: Real-time Graphics, Rendering
Full text:
Year: 2022