Improving the VR Experience in a Densely Populated Molecular Environment

Eva Bones

Supervisor(s): Ciril Bohak

University of Ljubljana

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the potential to provide a highly immersive experience when navigating through densely populated environments, such as macromolecular models. However, current solutions lack the ability to provide both a sense of immersion and a clear overview of the environment. In this study, we propose improvements to the existing systems for an automatically generated guided tour through a molecular model that address these limitations and enhance the overall experience. We propose a sparsification technique based on implicit quadric equations, providing seamless transitions between a closed, enveloping experience and an open, spacious one for improved spatial awareness. Additionally, we give users more control over the tour to alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed in a crowded environment. Our subjective, qualitative results indicate that these methods can improve the overall VR experience compared to existing solutions and provide a more enjoyable tour. However, more research is needed to further enhance the experience and provide an even more engaging and informative guided tour through densely populated molecular environments within VR.
Keywords: Real-time Graphics, Scientific Visualization, VR
Full text:
Year: 2023