Inspection and evaluation of 3D model reconstruction from 3Dscans in virtual reality

František Ďurana

Supervisor(s): Martin Madaras

Slovak Technical University

Abstract: 3D model reconstruction from scans is a standard problem of computer graphics with a wide range of solutions. When performing a complete 3D reconstruction, it is important to evaluate the quality of the resulting model. In the case of the available ground truth model, the evaluation process is quite straightforward. We can quantitatively compare the geometry of the reconstructed model and ground truth model, their topology or structure. Without the ground truth model, the situation is much more complicated. Several solutions based on various approaches have been recently proposed. The research suggests that many investigated methods can be used to evaluate the quality of 3D models, however, with different levels of relevancy. In the presented work, we addressed this problem by proposing a new evaluation method based on virtual reality (VR) involving multiple users. This technology brings generally accepted benefits of immersive interaction and enhanced model presentation. Using VR reduces the time needed for verification, validation and evaluation of the reconstructed model. Taking advantage of VR, this approach opens the way for qualitative evaluation applicable in a wide range of domains, especially if the ground truth model is not available.
Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, VR
Full text:
Year: 2020