Outdoor Augmented Reality using a High-Precision Localization Device

Marco Stranner

Supervisor(s): Clemens Arth

TU Graz

Abstract: Despite the availability of stable indoor vision-based tracking methods like SLAM, for serious applications outdoors in the BIM or GIS area, an accurate transformation between the local tracking frame (i.e. the camera) and the global environment (i.e. the information from GIS and other sources) has to be established. Unfortunately up to now, this was hardly possible with vision or standard mobile phone grade sensor technology alone. In this work we present an outdoor AR system leveraging recent developments in the area of location and orientation sensing technology. We developed a device consisting of multiple sensors, which can easily be combined with any mobile phone, tablet or even HMD for accurate visualization of globally registered content. The device can be built out of commercially available components for less than €500, giving up to centimeter-level localization accuracy. We extensively evaluate the device with respect to orientation and localization accuracy, showing different outdoor AR use cases.
Keywords: Augmented Reality
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Year: 2019