Real-time Light Transport in Analytically Integrable Quasi-heterogeneous Media

Tomáš Iser

Supervisor(s): Oskar Elek

Charles University

Abstract: Our focus is on the real-time rendering of large-scale volumetric participating media, such as fog. Since a physically correct simulation of light transport in such media is inherently difficult, the existing real-time approaches are typically based on low-order scattering approximations or only consider homogeneous media. We present an improved image-space method for computing light transport within quasi-heterogeneous, optically thin media. Our approach is based on a physically plausible formulation of the image-space scattering kernel and analytically integrable medium density functions. In particular, we propose a novel, hierarchical anisotropic filtering technique tailored to the target environments with inhomogeneous media. Our parallelizable solution enables us to render visually convincing, temporally coherent animations with fog-like media in real time, in a bounded time of only milliseconds per frame.
Keywords: Physically-based Rendering, Real-time Graphics, Rendering
Full text:
Year: 2018