Real-time Rendering of Atmosphere and Clouds in Vulkan

Matěj Sakmary

Supervisor(s): Jaroslav Sloup

Czech Technical University

Abstract: This work presents a Vulkan-based implementation rendering volumetric clouds and atmosphere. We combine previously published solutions to produce a single unified look. We use Raymarching as the main method to render both the atmosphere and clouds. Furthermore, we use multiple precomputed look-up tables (LUTs) proposed by Hillaire to speed up the rendering of the atmosphere. We enhance these methods with the option to render volumetric clouds using a precomputed three-dimensional texture setup storing procedurally generated noise. With our final solution, we can render images in a high dynamic range. We apply post-processing effects and use adaptive luminance to transform the image into a low dynamic range for presentation.
Keywords: Physically-based Rendering, Real-time Graphics, Rendering
Full text:
Year: 2023