Rendering Wet Roads in Driving Simulations

Giang Chau Nguyenová

Supervisor(s): Jiří Bittner

Czech Technical University

Abstract: Rain and its impact can significantly enhance the realism and credibility of outdoor scene rendering. It further attributes to the environment's diversity by breaking the repeating patterns of a synthetic world. We describe our approach to visual simulation of the rain phenomena in driving simulations. We focus on varying intensity of the rain effects (e.g. drizzle or heavy rain) seen on roads with driving cars. The simulation includes adjustable wetness of the roads with puddle regions. When a car drives through a puddle, splashes are generated according to an assessment model. The puddles also react to contact with the tires, creating tiny wavy movements based on the wave equation. The simulation is implemented in a game engine, and we propose a way to render high-quality ray-traced outputs using an external ray tracer.
Keywords: Physically-based Rendering, Real-time Graphics, Rendering, Video Games
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Year: 2021