Suitability of chain codes for near-lossless cartoon image compression

Aljaž Jeromel

Supervisor(s): Borut Žalik

University of Maribor

Abstract: The suitability of different chain codes for compression of cartoon images is considered in this paper. Cartoon images differ importantly from other raster images, as they are produced by a human and not captured by a camera. They are characterised by large regions of pixels with the same colour, and, consequently, the number of visually distinct colours is very low. Surprisingly, only a few methods have been proposed for compressing cartoon images. In this paper, we estimate the suitability of known chain codes for region representation, including Freeman Chain Code in Four and Eight Directions (F4, F8), Vertex Chain Code (VCC), Three-Orthogonal Chain Code (3OT), and a new variation of the VCC, Modified Vertex Chain Code (M\_VCC). An evaluation was done of the compression efficiency.
Keywords: Image Processing
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Year: 2020