Towards Interactive Rendering for Lighting Design

MichaƂ Chwesiuk and Mariusz Pasinski

Supervisor(s): Radoslaw Mantiuk

West Pomeranian University of Technology

Abstract: We introduce an interactive method for computing illuminance for lighting design purposes, focusing on photometric quantities. The main goal of lighting design rendering is to achieve accurate photometric quantities on the desired calculation planes. The vast majority of lighting design applications are based on unbiased global illumination rendering techniques, which are executed entirely on CPU. The performance of those techniques is limited and makes it difficult to work interactively with the lighting project. We evaluate whether a renderer based on instant radiosity implemented in OpenGL guarantees the accuracy of lighting calculations comparable to the lighting design industry standards. Our renderer exploits photometric light sources defined by the IES standard and physically based materials to ensure the correct calculation of the illuminance. The results are compared with the Radiance renderer, which is considered to be a standard for the lighting design calculations. As it is work in progress, the results are tested using a simple scene, an isotropic light source and perfectly diffuse materials.
Keywords: Graphics Hardware, Real-time Graphics, Rendering
Full text:
Year: 2017