Urban Data Visualization

Vojtěch Tomas

Supervisor(s): David Sedláček

Czech Technical University

Abstract: Urban data visualization plays a vital role in sustainable city evolution. Visual media enable efficient communication, which is the cornerstone of any development. This paper presents a design and implementation of a modular urban data visualization system. The modular design allows extending the visualization system, which helps answer questions as they arise during problem exploration. The paper explores the role of visualization platforms in urban development. Technical topics such as possible geometry representations and ways to process large geospatial datasets are discussed. A simple and extensible styling language is proposed to enable visualization customization based on the object metadata. The system is available as two Python/C++ packages. The first package focuses on data processing, utilizing spatial and temporal acceleration data structures, while the second encapsulates a WebGL-based visualization application. An iterative qualitative user study validated the proposed solution's performance and accessibility.
Keywords: Geometry Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, Real-time Graphics, Scientific Visualization
Full text:
Year: 2022