User Perception of Camera Movement in VR Video

Sanja Milović

Supervisor(s): Selma Rizvić

University of Sarajevo

Abstract: The metaverse age is beginning. Virtual Reality (VR) content will become the language of new media communication. 360 video is used in many VR applications. As the viewer is now in the middle of the camera shot and there is no framing, the new film language grammar rules need to be defined. Camera movement is one of the techniques of classical film-making. It causes a change in frame or perspective through the movement of the camera and allows cinematographers and directors to shift the audience’s view without cutting. In this paper we are evaluating how the users perceive it in 360 video. Through the User eXperience (UX) evaluation study we will check whether it adds to the immersion in the virtual environment or causes unbearable motion sickness. The results of this evaluation will contribute to the VR film grammar development and offer directions for creation of future VR applications.
Keywords: VR
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Year: 2022