Web-based Interactive Visual Exploration of Dota2 Encounters

Wilma Weixelbaum

Supervisor(s): Krešimir Matković

TU Wien

Abstract: In the last decade, the popularity of ESports has grown rapidly. The financial leader in the tournament scene is Dota2, a complex and strategic multiplayer game. The driving force behind a Dota2 match are encounters or teamfights between the two teams, which are often game deciding. Especially during a Teamfight, analysis is a challenging task due to the many actions and interactions between players. Available resources include the combat log, which logs every event at an atomic level, featuring great detail at the cost of readability, as well as concise third-party summaries that provide very little detail. What is missing is a middle ground that provides both a better representation of details and meaningful aggregations when it comes to Teamfights. This work therefore proposes a web-based visualization of the combat log focusing on interactions between players by using a directional graph. The result is Dota2 Rumble Flow, an interactive visualization for interaction-based Teamfight analysis, with higher granularity than a summary and better readability than an atomic log file.
Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Video Games
Full text:
Year: 2021