3) CESCG 2024 –
EXPO ONLY (last minute)


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  • This ticket covers full five days:

    • Admission to the EXPO. If you also want to attend ACADEMY workshops in the morning, you need another ticket type.
    • Accommodation directly in the Smolenice castle. There is a private parking lot for participants at the lower courtyard.
    • Full board including buffet breakfast, warm lunch and dinner. Additional calories are supplied in form of cakes and hot drinks during coffee breaks.

    Please scroll down to select your room, meals.

    Please enter the invitation code provided by the organizers. Orders with wrong or missing codes will be cancelled.

    Estimated check-in

    Please indicate when to reserve a room for you. Accommodation is directly in the castle, includes breakfast.

    Since this is a last-minute ticket, all single and most double rooms are already occupied. You will be most likely assigned to a 3 or 4 beds room. Update: As of today (April 25) the standard capacity is almost booked out. We do not guarantee availability of accommodation anymore. The pricing is subject to individual quotes.

    Please list any friends or foes you would like to share a room with. We will try to respect your wish, but we provide no guarantee.

    Please make a choice for all the meals. All options include tea, coffee, snacks and cakes in the breaks. Do not forget to choose both the soup and the main course. The last options are always vegetarian and vegan. If you need a special diet, a dedicated section will appear below.


    Please check any specific ingredients you want to avoid.

    Please let us know how you will pay the fee. Skip this section if your total price is 0€.

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    • 10 €

    Please fill out your full address which is necessary for the billing. If you want the bill to be addressed to a company, please also add the company name, ID and TAX ID.

    Pay with cash upon your arrival to the seminar. Only € accepted. In case you are not able to attend, you are still obliged to pay a part of the costs, according to the cancellation policy of the Smolenice Castle.

    Universities cover the expenses for selected students.

    If you are not sure if this applies to you, select the bank transfer option and you will get an invoice from us within 3 working days in case your university does not cover the seminar fee. If your order goes to the "completed" state without receiving an invoice, it means your university fully covers your costs.

    There is additional program with ACADEMY tutorials on Friday morning and Saturday the whole day. For these you need the ACADEMY ticket instead of this one.

    Please check once more if you entered:

    • invoicing details (ignore if total = 0€)
    • accommodation for all days you plan to stay
    • soups of your choice (at lunch)
    • main dishes of your choice

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